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2009-06-20 12:08:15
Innovative Media Engineering
Design Program
Centennial College in Toronto Canada is pleased to announce a new joint post-graduate program, where innovations in robotics technology, the power of the mobile internet and 3D cinematic storytelling will merge to create the next generation of media and entertainment experiences.

The new Media Engineering Design Integration <> (MEDI) program, starting in January 2010, is a unique post-graduate course offered jointly by Centennial's School of Communications, Media and Design and the School of Engineering, Technology and Applied Science, focused on the development of innovative products and interactive environments that are changing the way we think about media. And amidst a global economic crisis, that could also mean the promise of new ideas, new products and potentially new jobs for the Canadian media industry.

"This program will help to build a new future for the media sector, and create a need for careers that we never dreamed possible 10 years ago," says Nate Horowitz, Dean of the School of Communications, Media and Design at Centennial College. "This program is about inventing what's next, engineering with media and combining these two disciplines to create the future of information and entertainment products."

"Toronto is ideally positioned to take advantage of this new era in media, given its proximity to a number of integrating sectors in media, design, technology and engineering creating an energetic and cross-connecting creative cluster," Horowitz says.
Designed as a unique post-graduate and hybrid program, MEDI is focused on design, production and management of media products and applications for wireless devices, interactive museum and retail installations, digital signage systems and networks and more.

Courses will range from an introduction to media engineering, to design and development, to understanding the marketing cycle, and complemented with an industry field placement. But most important, the program will prepare students to think entrepreneurially and to thrive in a state of constant change and progress.

"Just think, last year only a few people that you knew were probably using Twitter," Horowitz says. "Now it is practically a household name. That is how quickly things are evolving."

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Media Contact: Paul Koidis, Manager, Communications, Marketing and Development / 416.289.5000 ext. 8609
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