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2009-03-05 16:09:26
School of Visual Arts 2009 Summer Arts Abroad Programs
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School of Visual Arts209 East 23 StreetNew York, NY 10010-3994

When you invest in your talent, you can reinvigorate your passion for making art. This summer, replenish your creative energy. The journey to becoming a skilled and accomplished artist is lifelong. The work is intense. Skills need constant updating. But, an important part of the process is building into your schedule a time for renewal, for new experiences, and for a different perspective. Vacations for artists are not to get away from their work, but rather to find ways to inspire their work with new exuberance and energy. The School of Visual Arts knows what artists need to keep creating and inventing at their personal best: time to reflect and time to work seriously, just for the fun of it.

That's why we continue our Summer Arts Abroad Program every year and why we offer such a broad curriculum. The work is challenging, but we've discovered that new experiences empower artists to grow and develop. Different cultures, beautiful environments and living art history inspire your personal work and make it worth your while to travel with us. Students aren't the only people to take advantage our Arts Abroad programs—many artists out of school join us to see the world and polish their skills. College credits, however, are available for all who qualify.

Choose a studio course, like the interdisciplinary course in Berlin, immersing oneself in the culture and history. Or choose to paint in Barcelona, studying in the studios of Escola d'Arts Plastique I Disseny. Also in Barcelona, we offer Lighting for Portrait and Fashion Photography.

Digital Photography in Florence gives students the opportunity to further their skills in creative image making while being deeply immersed in the Florentine life. We also offer Woodcut and Monoprint in Florence, a great opportunity to learn these techniques in the city where they were first developed.

Multicultural, cosmopolitan Shanghai is the center for a unique digital photography workshop for advanced photographers. Photographic exploration of the city, seminars, portfolio reviews, and language instruction makes up a program that promises to be an adventure.

Art therapy is the unique approach to healing through art, and is offered in either Florence or Provence. Join us in Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization to study the art and architecture that are still influencing us today; or trace the footsteps of Van Gogh and Cezanne in sunny Provence and Southern France.

The Masters Workshop in Design History, Theory and Practice in Venice and Rome is an ideal opportunity for accomplished designers to study visual communication in the birthplace of Western typographic tradition with masters of design and typography.

Do consider spending this summer with us abroad. Your choices are as broad as they are fascinating. We have one-, two-, three - and four-week programs. All programs combine intense classroom work with the opportunity to visit unique art and cultural locations open to SVA and often unavailable to the usual tourist.

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