Wyspa & Revolver


At Revolver, contemporary art publications become an art form. By emphsizing
and foregrounding the art rather than focusing on the methods and techniques
of book production we seek to redefine and question the meaning of
publishing. The result is a decisive yet diverse program with many different
faces: each book is unique. For us, visionary contemporary publishing that
creates a possible definition of contemporary art as publication can only
result by opening new spaces and establishing positions.

Today, we are happy to announce another step taken in this direction: to
increase our impact on contemporary art, we want to create new places for
our books. This will, like our publications, happen through collaboration.

We are therefore pleased to announce Wyspa & Revolver.

The launch of Wyspa & Revolver will happen on June 22nd at 7pm  along with
two other important events at Wyspa: Chat project on the World without Money
in collaboration with De Balie www.debalie.nl <http://www.debalie.nl/>  and
opening of free wirelless internet access for Wyspa visitors in
collaboration with D-Link program "Wireless Culture" [Kulturalnie bez
Kabli]. Wyspa & Revolver happens in collaboration with private enterprise
3City.pl www.3city.pl <http://www.3city.pl/>  . Please get to our website
www.wyspa.art.pl <http://www.wyspa.art.pl/>  and www.revolver-books.de
<http://www.revolver-books.de/>   for detailed information about
publications, access and directions.

Begining Friday June 23rd the bookstore will be open at our regular
exhibition hours Thursday - Sunday 12am-6pm.

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