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2009-08-08 23:38:31
Julien MaireExploding Camera winner Award New Media Fondation
Liedts-Meesen(C)Julien Maire
Call For Entries ­ Award New Media Foundation Liedts-Meesen
Ghent Belgium, Europe
Till 1 november 2009
 Zebrastraat 32/001
9000 Ghent, Belgium, Europe

At the occasion of the Update III exhibition that is organised as a Biennial
event at the Zebrastraat Gent, the Liedts-Meesen Foundation will award for
the second time, a work by a living artist distinguishing himself or herself
in the field of digital art. This award will consist of a cash purse and a
showcase in the Update IV to be held in 2012.

Entry forms and guidelines available at

Deadline November 1 2009- Final Deadline

The upcoming exhibition, Update III (in 2010), will be held in collaboration
with the Centre Pompidou in Paris, under the artistic direction of the
exhibition's commissioner Christine Van Assche.

At the same time, the 10 works selected for the Liedts-Meesen Foundation
award will be exhibited and integrated into the publication accompanying the

Update's mission

Update's mission is to expand the scope of contemporary artistic creations
and traditional media with works dedicated to employing contemporary and new
technologies in an original and intelligent way: treatment of sounds and
light, use of new media, application of innovative evolutions in
communications, telecommunications and broadcasting, centred on the world of
information, communication, and computers and interaction.

These descriptions are in no way restrictive and should be interpreted in a
broader meaning

General guidelines for entry in the competition

The aim of the competition is to present works in accordance with Update's
objectives.  The submitted work can have been previously exhibited, but the
jury reserves the right to choose creations that are proven to be
practically realisable within the possibilities of the Liedts-Meesen
Foundation, keeping in mind that the works will be displayed during the

Calendar and conditions of the competition

The choice of the 10 projects selected by the jury will be rendered public
at the occasion of the Lineart Art Salon (Ghent) from the 4th to the 8th
December, 2009.
Those projects that have been retained will then be installed in order to be
exhibited alongside of the Update III exhibition from March to June 2010 and
published in the exhibition catalog.  The basic equipment is available to be
used by the selected artists; specific and special equipment must be
provided for, and lent by the artists for the duration of the exhibition.

During the Update exhibition, one of the nominees will be chosen for the
prize award given by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation.  A people's choice award
is also foreseen.

Eligibility and submission details

This international competition is open to all age groups and to all
nationalities.  English is the working language.  Deliverables: A general
portfolio of the artist including a CV and a detailed description of the
work submitted, accompanied by visual material is demanded. The material
must be provided either in an uploadable format or must be easy to reproduce
as the jury's decision will be primarily based on the visual documentation.
Submissions are to be sent to Foundation Liedts-Meesen, Concours Nouveaux
Médias, Zebrastraat 32/001, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

The Jury

The jury will be composed of ten members:

o Peter Werbel (Director of ZKM Karlsruhe)
o Jean-Marie Dallet (Professor and Commissioner of Update I)
o Philippe Van Cauteren (Director of SMAK Gent)
o Françoise Meesen (Fondation Liedts-Meesen)
o Dirk De Wit (Director of IBK-IAK)
o Stef Van Bellingen (Consultant for Zebrastraat-artistic leader VZW Warp)
o Christine Van Assche (Curator New Medias Nouveaux Medias Centre
o Art Yan (Organiser of the exhibition E-Arts Festival, Shangai)
o Nick Ervinck (artist), winner of the Update II public award 2008
o Julien Maire (artist), winner of the Update II jury's award 2008


For 2010, a 5000 euro cash award is foreseen by the Liedts-Meesen
Foundation. This indivisible cash award will be allocated to a work and to
its creator.

Moreover, the jury reserves the right to award an honourable mention to an
The Liedts-Meesen Foundation and the jury reserve the right to not award a
prize and to transfer it to the next exhibition.
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