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2009-01-11 15:47:38
SCI-Arc is currently accepting applications for two post-professional degree programs:
SCIFI at SCI-Arc and MediaSCAPES.
Applications are due by March 4, 2009.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

960 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

SCIFI at SCI-Arc Program Description
Led by Peter Zellner and David Bergman, SCIFI at SCI-Arc is an intensive research-based, post-professional degree program and think-tank dedicated to generating pertinent examinations of contemporary city design, city formulation and urban regulation. SCIFI provides an integrated curricular focus on urban scale issues. SCIFI is focused on promoting innovation within design, policy, and planning responses to the economic, social and environmental futures of global cities and regions. SCIFI is dedicated to supporting investigations into the impacts of urban and planning policy, transnational financial markets, real estate speculation, and socio-economic globalization on the evolution of local urban fabrics. As a center for research and discussion, SCIFI bridges the academy, private development and public agencies in order to generate debate and dialogue around the future of cities.

Mediascapes Program Description
In the five years between 2007 and 2012, the world will experience greater technological advances in the mediascapes which form our everyday life than the entire previous fifty years of progress. The SCI-Arc MediaSCAPES program has been established as a response to these massive changes, as an academic platform defining a new paradigm in curriculum, research and design that critically responds to contemporary technologies and emergent geopolitical systems. MediaSCAPES explores significant emerging relationships within the technology, software, media, film and game spaces, to produce new content and ideas in a "thinktank R&D" environment. The program curriculum blends an intensive design research culture with theory, research and practice. A cutting edge faculty team- with critics, lecturers, workshop leaders and guests drawn from academia and professional practice worldwide- provides students with training and a vital global network in both academic and professional contexts.

Degree Information and Eligibility
Upon successful completion of the SCIFI at SCI-Arc or the MediaSCAPES program, students will receive a Master of Design Research (MDesR) degree. These programs are one year in length, and require attendance for the fall, spring, and summer terms.
Both programs are open to applicants with a professional degree in Architecture, or a Bachelor degree or equivalent in any field. SCIFI welcomes interdisciplinary applicants from fields such as architecture, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, real estate and geography. MediaSCAPES welcomes interdisciplinary applicants from the fields of new media, interactive media, film, urban design, landscape design and architecture.

SCI-Arc Information
The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is an independent, degree-granting educational laboratory that tests the limits of architecture in order to transform existing conditions into designs for the future. With its location in a former freight depot in the intensely urban Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, SCI-Arc provides a uniquely inspiring environment in which to study architecture.

Apply now! Applications for Fall 2009 are due on or before March 4, 2009.

For more information, please visit the SCI-Arc website or contact the SCI-Arc Admissions Office at or 213.356.5320.
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